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UPDATED 4/2 - 3M Products Heavily Affected by Corona Virus Outbreak - See Details
UPDATED 4/2 - 3M Products Affected by Corona
3D Printers & Supplies

3D Printers & Supplies

3D Printing is an exciting new technology that allows you to make a 3D model, or download one from the internet, and then print it out. This can also be intimidating, involved and expensive. We've made 3D printing more affordable and accessible by partnering with Velleman and making it easy to get all of the spare parts you'd need, affordable 3D printing filament and 3D printer kits that are priced right and relatively easy to use.

We not only sell the parts and filament for 3D printers, we also sell tools and cleaning solutions to maintain your 3D printer and keep it running smoothly.