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Gift Ideas - Hazet Tools That Everyone Will Use

Gift Ideas - Hazet Tools That Everyone Will Use

While we’ve been distributing Hazet tools for a little while now, we’re expanding our inventory of Hazet’s catalog meaning we’ll be able to get you the Hazet Tools you need as soon as you need them. Hazet has been around for more than 150 years so their quality and reputation are well-earned, especially since they’re also the official and original makers of the toolkits for Porsche and Volkswagen. Hazet is a brand you can trust and we carry some of their bestselling tools, and they’re tools that would be useful at home or on the job.

Hazet collapsible trolleyProbably one of the most useful things one can buy is one of the tool trolleys that Hazet makes. Hazet 162C and 166N are similar, in that they are collapsible trays that you can pull from one location to another then they expand allowing you access to your tools. They’re also lockable with a padlock and are great ways to bring your most commonly needed tools wherever they need to go. Slightly less mobile, though still somewhat moveable is the Hazet 177-6 Trolley which is a heavier, more traditional type of tool storage. It features six drawers and a central lock to keep people honest. No tools walking away this time. Each of the drawers has the ability to be stocked with a tray made to hold specific tools making it perfect to keep an organized workspace.

Hazet Porsche Motorsport Screwdriver setOf course, to necessitate a tool chest, moveable or otherwise, you need some tools to put into it. While you can order each tool individually, like the Hazet 4850-1 Nozzle adjusting tool, sometimes you get more value by buying a few tools at once. One excellent set to consider is the 810/6 which features a PH1 and PH2 as well as common slotted sizes. It also comes in other formats, namely insulated which is the 810/6VDE and the 810/6-PD is the Porsche Motorsport which is a must for any Porsche racing aficionados.

Hazet 856-1 CaseSpeaking of Porsche, Hazet also makes a few other bestselling tools that are endorsed by Porsche. Hazet’s 5122-2CLT-PD Torque wrench is a ½” drive 40-200Nm torque wrench with a release accuracy tolerance ± 4% of scale value (in direction of actuation) and it comes with a serial number and a certificate to ensure quality. It boasts several other features, the most important of which is its ability to reach the amount of torque that you desire. Probably the coolest Porsche tie-in though is the Hazet 856-1-PD (the normal one comes in Hazet Blue) which is a socket and bit set in a “smart case”. What makes the case “smart” is…well just look at it…it’s a case that securely holds everything in it and when in storage, it folds up into a nice looking case. If you’re into Porsche, racing or just cool looking, high quality tools made around a theme, these sets are for you. They’d be good conversation starters if nothing else.

Hazet Advent calendarLastly, for a few Hazet gift ideas for the Holidays, you can snap up the HZCL863FL bottler opener. That’s sure to be a great stocking stuffer. Hazet has done something a little different than every other toolmaker’s bottle opener. Instead of the closed loop opener, they have an open, crescent shape that looks like something you could use as a real tool if you wanted to. Lastly, just in time for Christmas, the Hazet Advent Calendar (HZSANTANTOOLS2019) is a 26 piece set that includes a case to store your assembled toolset and also includes a gift card. This year’s toolset looks like ratchet/socket set and screwdriver/blade set that comes with a high quality case. The calendar itself looks to be of a high enough quality that one could reuse it again and again. The tools from the advent calendar would be a great addition to your tool trolley.

There are many Hazet Tools that are excellent and worth looking at, and there’s still a fair number of bestselling Hazet Tools to explore. Stay tuned in the coming weeks and months to see what else Hazet and other great toolmakers have for you!

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