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Witte Screwdriver Sets

Witte Screwdriver Sets

Witte screwdriver handleLooking for good tools for the workshop, around the house or as the perfect gift for someone? Look no further. The perfect solution for all of these needs is the right tool or toolset from Witte Tools. There are a lot of good choices with one of the many Witte screwdriver sets. How do you know that Witte tools are a good buy? Well, Witte’s been in business since 1785 and much of that time has been devoted to toolmaking, it’s safe to assume that no toolmaker would last this long if they weren’t making good quality tools, And screwdrivers are one of Witte’s specialties. Witte makes several different types of handles and styles of screwdriver for given situations, but they all follow a similar ergonomic design.

There are a lot of screwdrivers to choose from, but one good bet would be the Witte 653865 which is a slotted and Phillips 5-piece set. This set features the Maxxpro Handle which, in this instance uses a triangular shape to match the angles of the human hand while turning. If you’re looking for something really unique and environmentally conscious, the Witte 654865 Maxxpro Cork set might be just the thing.

cork treeThe Maxxpro Cork set is unique in that it it’s, in a way, sustainably made. Cork comes from the bark of a tree, so no trees are cut down to make the cork handles. The removal of the cork bark can be done after the tree reaches about 20 years old and can be removed again in nine to 10 years after that. Removing the bark is good for the tree too as it stimulates the tree and is part of ensuring the trees stay healthy. So buy this set and feel good about it! Of course the cork handle benefits the user with a durable handle that absorbs moisture naturally and visually it stands apart from every other set on the market.  

If you want an insulated tool, for all the HVAC and electrician guys, you can get a Witte 670022 Protop II insulated slotted and Phillips set. With six pieces, it’s priced somewhat competitively with some Wiha sets. What makes the Protop handles worthwhile is they’re the prefect combination of hard and soft making them ergonomic, firm and with just enough softness to not hurt when gripped tightly. For a slightly different assortment of slotted drivers, you can try the Witte 670082. There are a few other insulated sets as well as individual drivers that will be of use too.

Witte 89322If you need insulated drivers that are in the precision size, Witte makes those too. You can get them individually assuming you know the right size, or you can get a set of insulated precision drivers like the Witte 89377 Wittron set which is a 7-piece set. As far as non-insulated precision tools go, you can get a 7-piece precision Torx set or the traditional slotted and Phillips set, although given the option between the Witte 89342 and the Witte 89322, you might want to grab the second one because it contains the same sizes, but for only $3 more you get a storage case to help you keep them organized.

Witte Tools are affordable, excellent quality tools with a long history behind them. They make the perfect gift for anyone who uses tools whether it be for work or for hobbies, from regular drivers to smaller precision screwdrivers, insulated or not. Witte has a screwdriver you or a loved one can use. Give Witte a try!

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