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Great Ideas for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Part 1 – Tools

Great Ideas for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Part 1 – Tools

Looking for some gift ideas for Black Friday 2018? Well, “a winner is you” we’ve got just the right thing for someone in your family, especially if they like tools!

Wera Joker WrenchesOur first set of featured tools are combination and open ended wrenches. The Wiha 35097 open end wrench set features an open end on each side of the wrench, giving you 14 different sizes to work with. Made from Wiha’s chromium-vanadium alloy, these will be sure to last a long time. Wiha also makes a one-sided wrench that’s insulated, Wiha 20192, should you need that. If you want a little more variety at the other end of your wrench, you might try Klein Tools’ 68402 Combination Wrench set. This set comes in a nine-piece set and each wrench features a box end in addition to the spanner. The box end is angled at 15 degrees giving you a better angle to work with in certain situations. This set also comes with a nice pouch for storage. If you’re looking for a ratchet at the other end of your spanner, take a look at Wera’s Joker Wrenches. The Wera 05020012001 Joker is an eight piece set that also comes in a pouch. The upside to Jokers are that they're color coded making it easy to find the right size the first time. The Jokers are made from high performance chrome molybdenum steel with a nickel-chrome coating to help resist wear and corrosion. All of them are great buys and an excellent way to add a good chunk of tools to a collection with a minimal investment. Gift giving is much easier when you get more for less.

Felo XSOther nice sets to consider are socket and ratchet sets. Felo 0715762057 XS box socket is an 11 piece set which comes in a tough plastic case. This is a pocket size set that would be handy in any tool bag for surprise situations. Wiha 60190 is a similar set, but with more pieces and using metric measurements. The box is steel too, making it quite a bit tougher than most you’d find for sale. You could also take a look at Wera’s unique contribution, the Zyklop ratchet and drive set. You can get a 28 piece set or a 29 piece set in metric. Maybe your gift recipient just needs some replacement sockets, if so take a look at Ideal Tools 4051-I Impact Socket Set. These are a great set made in the U.S.A. and they are specially made to resist rust and they come with a lifetime warranty with the manufacturer.

Wiha 32801 InsulatedIf you want a larger selection of tools for the money, you’ll want to check out these pre-assembled sets. Klein Tools makes a couple great sets useful primarily for electricians, though there’s tools for a wide variety of jobs. Klein’s 80028 electrician tool set features 28 pieces including pliers, a stripper, various drivers and a tough bag. The Klein 80141 journeyman tool set has some of the same tools, but a few more things with 41 pieces. This set includes some hex keys, fish tape and few more varieties of tools included with the other set. If your family electrician would benefit from some insulated tools, Wiha’s 32896 is a 31 piece set of insulated tools containing pliers, cutters, drivers and a foldable ruler. The most comprehensive insulated set of tools, though, would be the Wiha 32801. This set comes in tough red case with wheels for easy transport and features an entire assortment of tools an electrician would need. T-handl drivers, conventional drivers, pliers, cutters, wrenches and more. These sets are insulated and that means they’re rated by Wiha to be safe up to 1,000 volts and they test them up to 10,000 volts. You’ll never see safer tools.

Do you have any favorite gift ideas? Tell us about it with some product reviews for your favorites and tell us about your favorite on Facebook or Instagram!

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