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Hot Deals on Insulated Tools

Hot Deals on Insulated Tools

When it comes to working with live electrical connections and capacitors, it goes without saying that safety is the most important tool. That’s why at EIO, we carry a wide variety of insulated tools from several manufacturers. For big jobs or small jobs, so you’re bound to find the right tool at either end of the spectrum or somewhere in between.

Wiha 32876 Insulated toolset
As the largest distributor of Wiha tools in Southern California, we carry the full line of Wiha Insulated Tools, all backed by Wiha’s “No Hassle Guarantee” which offers repair or replacement should a tool fail in its duty. We distribute Wiha’s 5-Piece 32091 set which contains slotted and Phillips screwdrivers for the most common needs. For those who need a little more variety, there’s the 32899 Proturn which includes three sets of pliers and 4 different screwdrivers and a case – definitely a great introductory set for anyone starting to build their toolkit. For the master electrician, there’s the 66 piece Wiha 32876 and the 80 piece Wiha 32800, both of which come with an impressive tool carrier. There are many more to choose from for every level in between. All Wiha insulated tools are tested up to 10,000 volts and rated for up to 1,000 volts, and comply with one or all of the following:  VDE, ASTM, IEC, CSA, OSHA, EN/IEC, NFPA. This makes finding a safe tool for doing electrical work an easy choice.

high quality insulated screwdrivers
If you are looking for quality tools, but from a company Wiha, Klein and Wera Insulated Drivers based in the USA, Klein tools makes a variety of insulated tools as well. From the lower end slotted and Phillips 33532-INS to the more specialized Klein 33527, a 22 piece set that comes in a nice case. Other popular models are the Klein 11054-EINS insulated wire stripper/cutter and the Klein 33524 insulated nut drivers. Like Wiha, Klein’s insulated tools are safety rated up to 1,000 volts and many are made in the USA, but be sure to sure to contact us for more information if you want to make sure a specific tool meets those qualifications.

Last but not least, we recently started carrying German engineered Wera Tools. Wera insulated tools have been tested in a water bath with 10,000 volts and are safety rated up to 1,000 volts. Wera’s selection is a tad more affordable, so for the smaller items, this might be a great starting point. For around $40, you can get this Wera insulated 6 piece set. These six, and nine piece sets are also priced at a great entry level price.

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