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Klein Tool Sets To Build Your Tool Box

Klein Tool Sets To Build Your Tool Box

Klein Tools are universally recognized as one of the best quality brands in the business. With that though, sometimes it’s a little spendy to get all the tools you might need. Of course, getting several tools in one set often helps make that more affordable in the bigger picture. Of course, Klein has quite a few sets that will help you build your tool box without breaking the bank.

klein tools 80006 tool set
An excellent starting point is the Klein Tools 80006 Trim out tool set which is a 6 piece set. This set contains some of the most common tools needed by an electrician or an apprentice electrician, saving you from lugging around a ton of tools. The set includes cutting pliers, wire stripper, one Phillips screwdriver, one cabinet screwdriver, a pouch and a belt. If you wanted a few more tools in a similar package, you could go with the Klein Tools 5300 electrician’s tool set which is a 12 piece set.

Klein Tools 92003
Rounding out the basic electrician’s tool sets, the Klein Tools 92003 which is a 12 piece set featuring a cutter, stripper, different pliers and screwdrivers, a tape measure and a 19-pocket pouch. It’s an excellent set for an apprentice and it will serve them long into your professional career. The Klein Tools 80014 is a similar set that includes a different style pouch, more unique screwdrivers, and safety glasses. Lastly, the 18 piece Journeyman tool set contains most of the same pieces but includes nut drivers, and an adjustable wrench, among other things.

Klein tools 80141
The master set to get though is Klein Tools 80141 Journeyman Tool Set, at 41 pieces this set will have just about everything you’ll need to start work as a journeyman or professional electrician. This kit includes everything in the above sets but with added extras like steel fish tape, hex keys, a level, more pliers, nut drivers and strippers, and a convenient bag to carry it all in.

Whatever tools you need in your new life as an apprentice or an electrician, we’ve got the tools that will help you succeed! We’d love to hear from you about your favorite tools so be sure to leave us product reviews for your favorites and tell us about your favorite on Facebook or Instagram!

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