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Klein Tools Electrical Testers

Klein Tools Electrical Testers

Klein Tools ET45Klein Tools knows who their customer base is and all of their products reflect this being that they’re designed with the end user in mind. If a feature doesn’t add value or make the job easier it won’t be added. Many of Klein’s testing tools are often designed by electricians and professionals with the electrician – or other end user in mind. Klein Electrical testers are made to be durable and reliable ensuring they’ll be ready for you on the job and they also have features that make working easier and less frustrating. Klein Tools is one of the foremost makers of electrical testers and they’re a name trusted by professionals. Here are a few of our most popular Klein Tools Electrical Testers.

In terms of testers geared specifically to electricians you have testers for just about every situation. For basic troubleshooting of most residential electrical wiring issues there’s the Klein Tools ET45. The ET45 is a bare bones tester that tests AC voltages 24V – 240V and DC voltages from 32V to 330V. This tester is built to withstand almost a 10 ft drop should you happen to have a mishap. The ET45 debuted in 2019 as probably the easiest way to troubleshoot the four most common voltages in home wiring.

ET45 Klein Tools The next couple of electrical testers, the ET60 and the ET250, up the game a bit by offering a wider range of voltages to test for as well as adding some extra features. The ET60 does not require any batteries and tests voltages from 12 - 600V at nine different levels. The ET60 uses standard test leads for added convenience. This tester reduces false/ghost readings and stray voltages on depowered circuits giving you a more accurate result. The ET250 AC/DC voltage and continuity tester automatically selects voltage or continuity and powers on when measurements are attempted. It also tests GFCI circuits for proper grounding and includes a built-in flashlight. It’s also made to survive a 9+ foot drop and also uses standard leads for testing.

Klein Tools ET310Another tester which is good for troubleshooting GFCI and also finding the correct circuit breakers is the ET310 which looks a bit like the Wild Karrde ship from Star Wars. This digital circuit breaker finder comes with a separate transmitter and receiver and the GFCI outlet tester that can be docked into the main unit for storage. Plug the tester into the wall then head down to the breaker and identify what goes where. Labelling circuit breakers has never been easier and the GFCI tester gives a clear alert when the correct breaker is located. The ET310 is a really cool tester that allows you test GFCI outlets for proper grounding and takes the headache out of labelling circuit breakers.

A little more specialized tester would also be good for IT workers who need to troubleshoot USB ports on computers. The Klein Tools ET920 needs no batteries and measures the power output of USB ports. This tester would probably be best for prolonged monitoring – up to 1,000 hours – to ensure the USB port works continuously and consistently.

Klein Tools ET140Two more specialty testers that we found popular are the ET120 Combustible Gas Leak Detector and the ET140 Pinless Moisture Detector. The ET120 uses high or low sensitivity settings to detect a range of combustible gasses like methane and propane and alerts you with a loud tone and with an array of LED lights. The pickup sensor can be maneuvered and bent to get into places like behind appliances keeping you from having to move them. The ET140 Pinless Moisture Meter detects moisture content up to ¾ inch deep through various materials like drywall, masonry and various types of wood. The sensor uses electromagnetic fields to sense moisture in various materials and displays the level of moisture via LED alerts.

Klein Tools is the leading manufacturer of electrician’s test equipment in the world and these electrical testers are favored by electricians and handymen alike but they’re affordable enough for the armchair handyman as well. They are well designed to survive accidents, covered by a fair warranty, and use the same test leads across devices when applicable to make life easier. We carry all of the electrical testers made by Klein Tools so be sure to check our site for more if you want one that wasn’t mentioned here.

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