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Nebo Flashlights - Back in Action

Nebo Flashlights - Back in Action

Nebo Cryket It’s never a bad idea to have one – or even better – several flashlights on standby ready to go when you need to explore, work, deal with a power outage or just need to use the restroom in the middle of the night. One flashlight never seems to be enough and you can really get by with anything, but sooner or later you’ll realize that having a “meh” flashlight really becomes a letdown after a while. Especially when they stop working for no apparent reason or just aren’t that bright to start with. In the case of flashlights it pays to buy a good quality light that is not only bright, but also durable. It also helps to have extra features in the light for obvious reasons. One of our favorite brands has made a comeback to our site making it easier for you to find the best flashlights for your needs at the best prices. Even better, these flashlights are well made and durable with helpful features like emergency flashers and magnets for mounting. With that, we’re more than happy to announce that Nebo flashlights have made a comeback to our site!  

Nebo Lil Larry lite The easiest sort of flashlight to buy is a small light for a coat pocket, glove box or a nightstand. Some great options to consider would be any of the lights from the Cryket, Redline, and Lil Larry (to a lesser extent) lines, but if you want something really compact, flat and rechargeable the Nebo Slim series are great looking lights. The Cryket series is a short light with a 90-degree swivel head, several brightness settings and a magnetic base making it quite easy to carry and shine in the right spots. The Cryket series comes in black or camouflage and runs on AAA batteries. The Redline series features some compact lights and some not. The quality ranges from the compact, basic $15 version all the way up to higher end Nebo 6822 which is not compact but is rechargeable. Be sure to look carefully at the specifications to find the right light(s) for your needs. The Redline is a classic, basic flashlight with a few basic extras thrown in such as being waterproof, having a magnetic dock or a convenient clip depending on the model. We also carry the Lil Larry series (like the black Lil Larry) which are a little long for some pockets, but still quite light and small enough to fit into a backpack or a purse. The Lil Larry is bright, has an emergency flash mode and a magnet on the end for mounting making it a handy addition in the least expected places. They come in several other colors besides black, so choose your favorite. The last pocket-sized light is the Slim series which is a flat rectangle and runs on a rechargeable battery pak. The Slim comes in several colors, one of which is red and they run bright for 2 hours or on lower levels for 10 hours. Each series of lights have several variants so feel free to search for the series you like and find the best one for your needs. As an aside, there are a couple keychain lights for extra convenience like the Silver Lumo and the Mycro.

Nebo Omni light In terms of unique lights for work purposes, Nebo has a few interesting ideas like the glow handle cup holder for when you have to move around in the dark while finishing your coffee. Other options include lights that are able to be positioned to work in awkward spaces which will help to provide light while you work. The full-sized Larry and the Big Larry series comes in many different styles and colors. Each Larry and Big Larry also comes with the ability to attach to metal via magnet allowing you to place it to shine while you work. The Larry series of all sizes is uniquely designed with a sideways beam and is reminiscent of shop lights but more portable. Other unique workshop lighting Includes the Workbrite rechargeable work light in three different versions, the Tango (which comes packed with features like a power bank), and the Omni which allows for multi-directional lighting. These lights are all designed for providing bright light exactly where you need it while you work making your jobs easier. Of course there is always a headlamp if you need light and have to work in really unusual or tight quarters.

Nebo slydeProbably not so good for carrying in the pocket, but perfect for a nightstand, car or emergency kit is the Slyde series which comes in several styles and runs on AAA batteries or has one of several rechargeable versions. The Slyde also has a cool feature, most of the time it looks like a standard flashlight, but you can slide it apart (hence the name, no doubt) to have a beam come out of the side of the flashlight and that can be either a normal beam of light or a flashing red emergency light. This is an excellent feature especially if you have a roadside emergency or need to mount the light as a work light with the magnet on the bottom. The Slyde also has one of two different holsters that can go with it.

Nebo Lantern The last couple of lights are some unique offerings made by Nebo and these are perfect for camping or backyard nighttime get togethers. Or just for plain atmosphere and aesthetics. Nebo has several styles of lantern that look pretty cool. The first being an old style LED lantern or even a legit oil lantern. If you want something modern, that’s on the table too. Lanterns tend to light up the whole room as opposed to the directed beam of light from a flashlight, they are good to have around especially if a family needs light in the dark, like during a power outage, for example.

We’re proud to have Nebo return to our catalog because their lights provide clean, bright light with a well-made and durable handle. Nebo also packs in some interesting features that add value and functionality making it easier to employ them on the job. Be sure to check our site for all of the models mentioned to find the best variant for your needs. We’ve mentioned a few different lines of flashlight, but there are several variants within each product line and it doesn’t do to mention them all here. One thing to keep in mind is that most Nebo lights have a magnetic base or clip to allow you to place it on something metal and most or all have multiple modes with an emergency red flasher. If you need a light, Nebo brand is a good bet that gives more features for your money.

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