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Knipex Tools - Alligators, Cobras and CoBolts

Knipex Tools - Alligators, Cobras and CoBolts

Since 1882, German tool company, Knipex, has been producing high quality tools starting with a small forge that made pliers. From there Knipex grew, modernized and continued to make strong tools until revolutionizing pliers with the Alligator in 1973. Nine years later they released the Cobra pliers which was followed by CoBolt bolt cutters a few years later. Knipex’s tradition of innovation continues to this day as evidenced by their huge product line of pliers, wrenches and bolt cutters, among other tools.

Having mentioned earlier the Alligator pliers, our website carries the entire line of these quality tools. Alligators stand apart from other brands in several ways. First the Alligators have 30% more gripping than similar pliers and are more comfortable to use. While we do carry all of the Alligators, the Knipex 00 20 07 US1 is a 3 pack that will give you three different sizes at a value pack price. Some other unique variations on the Alligator include the Knipex 88 08 250 which offers insulated protection up to 1,000 volts and a special water pump variation which comes in several varieties, all of which are adjustable.

Where the Alligator pliers feature longer handles and overall reach the Cobra pliers whose shape does suggest a cobra if you look at its overall shape. The Cobra pliers come in many variations including chrome plated or various sizes of water pump pliers, so be sure to find the one for your specific needs. Cobras also have some multi-paks available like the Knipex 00 31 20 V01 which is a set of two and the Knipex 00 20 06 US1 which is a three piece set. All of the Cobra pliers can be adapted to various sizes taking the guesswork out of choosing the right tool for the job.

Lastly, Knipex’s CoBolt bolt cutters are widely recognized as tools that can take some abuse and being able to cut things other brands are incapable of cutting. They’re also recognized as being more comfortable to use in that their design prevents injury from repeated actions. CoBolts also feature gripping jaws for pulling wire and nails making these cutters a versatile option. There are so many different CoBolts to choose from that it’s tough to single any out, but we do offer many smaller bolt cutters like the Knipex 71 01 250 SBA, or much larger ones like the Knipex 71 72 460 large bolt cutters.

This is just a brief look at some of the most popular Knipex tools that we sell, so be sure to take a look at our brand page to see what other Knipex tools might be of use to you. Do you already use Knipex tools? Leave us a review on our website.
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