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Precision Screwdrivers

Precision Screwdrivers

If you’re working on a delicate piece of machinery, your standard fare tools just aren’t going to cut it. The screws on jewelry, drones, laptops, notebooks, iPads and watches just won’t stand up to the amount of torque a normal tool will put out. You need precision tools and other screwdrivers.

Wiha Precision screwdriver cap
Precision screwdrivers have some key differences from regular tools. Apart from the difference in size, precision drivers being of course smaller and finer than regular tools, a precision driver will generally have several key features. Firstly, the blades and tips are very fine and very accurately machined for a snug fit which prevents stripping.

Another important feature is the rotating cap found in nearly all precision drivers. The rotating cap allows you to keep control of the driver while turning. In most cases people will place the index finger on top of the rotating piece while turning with the other fingers and thumb. In other words you can keep control while applying the right amount of pressure to work a screw which is very important when working with smaller sizes.

Wiha Precision screwdriver handle and use
A precision screwdriver’s handle is often tapered as well to assist the rotating cap to help with the rapid rotation to make jobs go quicker. Many of the handles also come with an electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe option to protect your electronics while you’re working on them.

At we sell a great many individual precision screwdrivers as well as many precision screwdriver sets for different needs. A great entry level set is the Pro’sKit 500-042 set which is ESD safe and includes a grounding strap. One of the more popular sets we have for sale is the Wiha 26199 which is an 8 piece set that comes in a nice pouch for easy storage and transport. We also carry every Wera precision driver, but a few that stand out are the Wera 050301700011578 which is an ESD safe six piece set that comes with a rack. There’s also the Wera 05118150001 which is a micro slotted and phillips set with six pieces that should help cover most basic jobs.
Wera Precision screwdrivers
Klein also makes some precision drivers too, we carry a large assortment, but the Klein 85614 should cover many jobs as well, but Klein has many other options as well. For slightly more specialized jobs, the Wiha 26794 Precision Pentalobe set is perfect to use for work on Apple products. The iPhone 4S and anything later needs a PL1 to get into the case. Newer Mac Books take a PL4 and some of the older ones need a PL5. We also carry many other pentalobe drivers and bits so be sure to take a look if you work on Apple stuff.

Wiha 92189, Wiha 92190
For those who want to just buy one set and be done with it we have several options. Again, for those needing pentalobes along with other pieces, Wiha 92189 which comes with a stand, would go great on any workbench. Wiha’s 92190 is similar, but does not include pentalobes. Both sets are 50 pieces and have a good variety of tools to choose from. Another great alternative to these sets is Wiha 92191 which is a 51 piece set that comes in a nice tray for easy organization. While the tray can take up a fair amount of space, if the right drawer or cubby can be found for it, the benefits it provides in organization would be quite helpful.

Whatever work you’ll be doing, there’s a precision screwdriver or other tool to help you do it. Take a look through our website to find the tool you need. Do you use precision drivers? Tell us about it on Facebook or leave us a product review on your favorite product.
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