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Meguiar's DA Power System

Meguiar's DA Power System

Meguiar's DA Power System G3500

Most everyone using Meguiar’s car care products are probably “Car Guys” on some level and Meguiar’s makes it easy for even the average guy to be a Car Guy. Anyone can use their products to get the a professional, showroom look out of your car. There are situations, however, that require the use of a power tool (usually a buffer) to work faster and get the most out of a Meguiar’s product and it’s a good bet that many Car Guys may not have a buffer due to the cost involved. Good news, you can now apply Meguiar’s products like you would with a buffer using Meguiar's DA Power System and a drill. DA stands for Drill Activated and it allows you to use your conventional drill with their G3500 Power System attachment to get the power and speed of a buffer while applying your chosen Meguiar’s products. With the DA Power System, you’ll be able to remove swirls, oxidation and stains while also being able to use it for applying polishes and waxes. A professional shine with everyday tools!

To get the most out of the Meguiar’s DA Power System it’s recommended that you use a 3/8” corded drill that operates between 1,200 – 2,500 RPM’s. The DA Power System also makes use of Dual-Action motion that, when used with the correct pad and compound, removes defects and oxidation while also delivering an epic shine and protective wax coating.

For best results with the DA Power System, you should, of course, give your car a good wash. Of course, you don’t have to be that thorough unless your car is really out of sorts, but at least a basic wash is recommended.

Meguiar's Ultimate Compound Power Pack

After the wash, it’s recommended to use the Ultimate Compound with the burgundy foam cutting pads (also sold in the Compound Power Pack) which will help you remove stains, oxidation, heavy swirls and scratches. The Ultimate Compound is a solution designed to cut quickly and easily remove surface defects. The pads will easily mount onto the DA Power System, after that, you can apply the compound to the pad and follow the directions for best results. Once the defects have been removed, wipe away any extra product that remains using the Meguiar’s Microfiber Towel for best results and then you’re ready for the polishing stage if you so choose.  

If your car’s paint job is in relatively good shape with few defects (like lite swirls) you can skip the compound and use the Meguiar’s yellow foam polishing pad with the Ultimate Polish available separately or in the Polishing Power Pack. Polishing is the final step to do before moving on to waxing and gives your paint job a deep and rich shine. After applying the polish with the DA Power System, be sure to wipe off any excess before moving on to waxing. The polish is less aggressive than the compound and can be used instead of Ultimate Compound or just after to remove any lingering haze that can occur.

Polished and shined

The last step as you might expect is waxing which will create a protective seal for your paint job. Meguiar’s recommends the black foam wax pads and Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax, also available in a DA Waxing Power Pack. Applying the wax is more or less the same process you followed for the Ultimate Compound and Polish including the cleanup of excess when you’re done. A normal sized car can be waxed with the DA Power System in as little as 30 minutes. Although you can use any Meguiar’s Wax, the Liquid Wax that comes in the Power Pack will create a lustrous shine, bright reflections and most importantly protection all while leaving a show car finish.

Once you’re done with the polishing and waxing, the pads are all reusable and believe it or not, they can be thrown into your normal washer and dryer so they’re clean and ready to go for the next adventure!

With Meguiar’s DA Power System detailing your car has become something you can do easily, in a small amount of time at home with no special tools. You can remove defects from your paint job, polish and wax your car with a standard drill and it looks virtually as though you’ve had a professional detailing with a buffer. If you like to detail your car a lot or just wanted to learn how to get that professional looking shine at home then Meguiar’s DA Power System is perfect for you!

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