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Wera Self-Setting Spanner

Wera Self-Setting Spanner


Wera self setting spanner 13mm
Wera Tools has proven time and again that they are one of the most innovative toolmakers on the planet. Their ergonomic Kraftform handle adorns nearly every tool they make and this is just the start of their innovative achievements. A couple quick examples of other great features Wera has added to tools is making it easy to find the right hex wrench, they've made it quicker and easier to turn a screwdriver and basically everything everything they've done to the Zyklop ratchet is a serious upgrade to the traditional tool. Whenever Wera makes a tool, they make it better and of course, Wera has proven this yet again with their newly released self-setting spanner!


Wera self setting spanner

Wera’s self-setting spanner has made a name for itself as it can quite easily replace one or several adjustable wrenches in your toolbox. Whereas the traditional adjustable wrench is moved with a screw or dial every time you need to turn your fastener, the Wera self-setting spanner pulls back with a gentle press of your thumb and glides back into place when released. This feature will keep your thumb from getting sore continuously moving the dial back and forth. Simply pull the button back, position the wrench and lock it into place, release then go through the motions of using the wrench. You really only need your thumb on the first step and to get it loose at the end. Have a look of the XXL in action here which illustrates how much easier this tool is to use. With a 30-degree return angle, this tool can move really quick. In removing every annoyance about the traditional adjustable wrench, Wera has hit a home run with this tool!

wera self setting spanner set

The self-setting spanner is available in five different sizes which gives you a lot of options when you need to tackle some jobs. You can grab one in:  extra small (7-10mm or 1/4“-3/8“), small (10-13mm or 7/16“-1/2”), medium (13-16mm or ½”-5/8"), large (16-19mm 5/8“-3/4“) and XXL (24-32mm or 15/16” – 1 ¼”). For the ultimate way to save, fill your toolbox and get convenient storage that’s compatible with Wera’s 2go storage system you can also get a four-piece set which includes extra small, small, medium and large. In one set you can get the four most commonly used wrench sizes and you actually save about $30 off of buying them individually so if you have a need for the various sizes, this would be the best way to get them.

Revolutionary design by the world’s Tool Rebels has given us a wrench/spanner that throws out everything wrong with the traditional adjustable wrench and makes everything right. With Wera’s self-setting spanner your thumb will rest easy and you’ll save a ton of time and effort on the job. Grab some now and feel the difference this redesign makes!

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