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Simply the Best...Simply45 - Your Solution for IT and Networking!

Simply the Best...Simply45 - Your Solution for IT and Networking!

If you’re doing IT work, and in particular working with network cabling, you’ll know how important it is to ensure that you have a solid and reliable connection. The best way to achieve that, of course, is by using high quality connectors, test equipment, and crimpers. And, while most will do the job alright there actually is a great brand that improves your chances of a quality connection. The brand that’s making these high-quality bits and bobs is…Simply45.

Simply45 and crimper

Simply45 is comprised of industry pioneers who’ve been at it for more than 20 years. Some of their achievements include driving the development of HDBaseT® cables for enhanced performance in addition to completely redesigning the standard RJ45 into the Pass-Through RJ45 for superior performance. The Pass-Through connector, of course is a big deal because it uses three pins instead of the standard two to pierce insulation and grip the cable strands in the RJ45 ensuring a more solid connection and better communication. Simply45’s approach also improved existing technology by using high quality 24ct gold for more conductivity and improved performance whereas other brands tend to cheap out with lesser materials. Simply45 has done many more great things from there and continue to serve as a resource for ensuring network professionals get the best results from their products. They also provide resources such as how-to videos, datasheets, technical bulletins, instructions, events, RJ45 selection guide, and more.

The niche Simply45 has carved out for themselves ensures that their specialized selection of products will give you the options you need to ensure reliable networking. Under their Simply45 banner, you can find:

Plugs (color coded)

  • RJ45 ProSeries Pass-Through
  • RJ45 Pass-Through
  • RJ45 Standard WE/SS
  • Strain Reliefs & Boots


  • Crimping tools
  • Strippers
  • Cutters
Simply Test

Under their SimplyTest category, you’ll find the most commonly needed test equipment. Cable verifiers, fault finders, tone and probe kits, coax testers and much more. Most of the available test devices feature everything you need to troubleshoot and test and also include a storage case to protect and organize your testers. If the testing equipment looks a littler familiar, it should, it’s “powered by” TREND Networks.

the dongler

Lastly, there’s a group of products sold under the banner of “The Dongler.” You might be asking yourself, “just what exactly is the Dongler?” The Dongler is a unique answer to keeping your rat’s nest of cords (aka, Spaghetti Junction) from tangling and prevents loss of your all-important connectors making this a great tool to have near equipment for presentations so it’s ready to go every time. The Dongler is basically a wire ring that connects to a specially made combination lock and stores your Dongle adaptors. You can get them “Loaded” or “Unloaded” options. The Dongler also features adaptors, harnesses and an option for complete customization.

With Simply45 in your IT tool bag you’re going to be packing some of the best and most reliable networking products you can find and this means when you’re installing, maintaining and troubleshooting your network you’re making a network with incredible performance. Come check out what these industry experts have to offer!

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