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What 3M Safety Glasses Should I Get?

What 3M Safety Glasses Should I Get?

3M Secruefit temple

Protective eyewear is probably THE most important piece of safety equipment simply because they can and should be worn for literally every sort of job. From basic woodworking or sanding to painting, metal working and beyond. Protecting your eyes from potential flying debris is cheap, necessary and easy. Hazards to your eyes are present in every type of job and there’s no reason NOT to protect your eyes. Of course, since this protective eyewear should be worn all the time, you want something that is comfortable and can be worn for a long time without discomfort, or ideally, without even noticing them. With 3M protective eyewear, you have a huge variety of eyewear and they not only make many types of comfortable eyewear, they make eyewear that protects from a variety of hazards. Rest assured, 3M makes eyewear suitable for protection from virtually any job and in some cases even adds functionality with magnification, enhanced visibility and/or shade.

As you would expect, there are an overwhelming number of options if you want to get some 3M protective eyewear, but they can be divided up pretty easily within several different sub-brands. The most prolific brands would be:  SecureFit, Metaliks, Solus, Virtua, BX, Light Vision, and Nuvo. There are more brands than these, but these are the most common brands.

3M securefit ratchet

First up is 3M’s SecureFit series of safety glasses. The SecureFit provides protection while also maintaining a high level of comfort. SecureFit protective eyewear features 3M Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology which appears to ensure a secure pressure for a snug fit on the face while simultaneously distributing that pressure over a wider surface area. SecureFit also comes with a rugged anti-scratch coating, UV protection and compliance with the ANSI Z87.1-2015 standard for impact protection. There are also many optional features available such as reader lenses, Scotchgard anti-fog coating, removable foam-lined gaskets (limits exposure to dirt and debris) and depending on the exact model, a plethora of lens colors. The SecureFit 600 has the most features, while the SecureFit 400 has a few less and finally, the SecuredFit 200 has the least. The 3M Metaliks and the 3M Solus glasses are comparable models. The Solus features adjustable ratchets at the temples, removable gaskets and more, while the Metaliks feature a metal frame and de-centered lenses for maximum eye coverage. You can read about both models here.

3M Light Vision

Another popular model of 3M safety glasses is the 3M Virtua Series. Depending on the specific type of Virtua glasses, this brand can offer protection from particulates coming from above if it features the brim on top. Most 3M Virtua glasses also feature protection against UV radiation, small impacts and provide resistance to scratches and antifogging. Virtua glasses are also available in a variety of styles and lens colors. The 3M Virtua series is typically used in construction, engineering, manufacturing, and light maintenance & repair work. In short, the Virtua brand is a good option for basic safety glasses when used properly.

The last few varieties of 3M protective eyewear each have their own unique features. 3M’s Light Vision glasses come with LED lights on the side so that you can easily illuminate things you are directly looking at while also protecting your eyes. 3M’s BX series and the 3M Nuvo series are safety eyewear in 3 different magnification powers (+1.50, +2.00, +2.50) for reading and precision work while in hazardous environments. Lastly, 3M also makes several varieties of safety goggles that of course protect from environmental splashes and chemicals when used as directed.

Whatever environment you find yourself in and whatever type of hazards you need to protect your eyes from, 3M makes eyewear that will protect you. We carry or can get virtually every style of 3M protective eyewear, so if you don’t see what you need, let us know!

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