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Tool Tuesday – CLC Workgear - Tool Belts and Tool Holders

Tool Tuesday – CLC Workgear - Tool Belts and Tool Holders

Specializing in “tools for tools” CLC Workgear has been making quality work gear and accessories to make it easier to use tools on a jobsite for 28 years. The amount of products made by CLC is extensive, so please check out their brand page for your tool needs or keep reading to see some of our most widely used CLC accessories.

CLC Workgear Belt
Probably one of the most useful things to have is a tool belt, it’s really a no-brainer because it’s an easy way to have a lot of tools on hand with easy access an arm’s reach away. We have something as basic as the CLC 1370 tool apron which comes with five main pockets, three smaller pockets and a hammer loop. CLC’s 527X tool belt features 12 pockets and is made of pliable leather, while the CLC 5608XL and the CLC 21448 are something of a step up in that they have more variety in pockets –both larger and smaller – in addition to hammer loops. They look more like a traditional tool belt. The CLC 21448 features 17 pockets including some for nails. The CLC 5608XL, though is built a bit differently in that it features rivets at various stress points on the belt. Any of these will make your time on the jobsite easier.

It may be that in using these tool belts, you discover the need for a pocket or holder that’s not on your belt, or maybe you’ve just run out of pockets. A couple small pouches, one for a cell phone and one for pliers can each be used for their designed purpose or adapted to fit something else. For drills, though, you have a few options. First up is the CLC 5024 drill hook which is, as it sounds, a hook for your cordless drill and features a couple spots to hold drill bits. In tan leather, the CLC DRL91 holster would be a great option as would the CLC 5021 impact driver holster. The CLC 5023 drill holster is a bit more extensive in that it has extra pockets for storing bits. Changing gears slightly, another item to secure tools to your belt protecting your tools and those below you is a lanyard. The CLC 1035 lanyard is rated for up to 15 pounds, so a good option for hammers and drills, and the CLC 1010 rated at 2.5 pounds secures tools to your wrist. Great options for anyone.

CLC Workgear Holster
Lastly, for those workmen who find themselves on their knees installing flooring or doing wiring and other work. CLC makes quite a few different types of kneepads. From soft gel-padded ones to hard shell ones and everything in between. For softer and more gel-centric pads there’s the CLC 367, CLC G340, CLC V229 (which are actually foam), and lastly the CLC 347 Armadillo knee pads. For kneepads that are a little more firm, there’s the CLC 339 Armor-Flex, CLCV230 swivel caps and the CLC 345 kneepads which feature a tread pattern for traction on slippery surfaces.
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