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Wiha Wednesday - Wiha Insulated Tools

Wiha Wednesday - Wiha Insulated Tools

Wiha 76290
We’re big fans of Wiha Tools here at EIO and have talked about them a few times, so too with insulated tools. Insulated tools are obviously very specialized and used by electricians, HVAC workers and more to safely work on either live circuits or circuits that could potentially have a “hot” wire. Insulated tools are also typically tested for safety up to 10,000 volts, but certified safe for 1,000 volts to ensure maximum safety. In the past, insulated tools were dipped with the insulation coating, however, to ensure a more uniform process and consistent insulation, injection molding is now widely used to cover the tools and protect them. The technology for insulating tools has been steadily improving over the years and as a result many tools are available insulated that were never available before. If you needed to, you really could get an entire set of insulated tools for any situation.

Wiha Insulated 21290
Perhaps some of the most unique and interesting insulated tools that we sell are tools that it’s hard to imagine needing an insulated version of. For starters, there’s the Wiha 19767 hacksaw. Insulated tweezers like the Wiha 75205 and the Wiha 75302 among other insulated tweezers are hard to imagine a use for, but perhaps might be of use in working on a PC or server that can’t be powered down. The Wiha 30138 ratcheting torque wrench is also an interesting choice as it looks like it might have been an interesting challenge for the engineering team to come up with. Whatever the case, these specific insulated tools are highly specialized and not likely to be needed by just anybody, so be sure to leave us reviews or tell us on Facebook what you’ve used these for, we’d love to hear about your adventures with these tools!

Next on the list, we move to more obvious insulated tools. Pretty much a no-brainer, the Wiha 11950 Cable Cutter, the Wiha 29250 Insulated End Cutters and the Wiha 32936 Bicut SuperCut make a tremendous amount of sense, because if you ever had to cut a live wire…well… you get the idea. Those are just a few examples, we carry pretty much the entire line of Wiha Insulated Cutters and combo sets, so be sure to see if any might suit your needs. They really are an obvious starting point for anyone needing to get insulated tools, or for spies that need to cut an electrified fence, though that is not recommended.

Wiha 32801 Insulated set
Next up are insulated pliers and wrenches. Wiha makes many different kinds of insulated wrenches, from various adjustable wrenches like the Wiha 76208 or three pack Wiha 76290. There are many other sizes available as well. You might also want to make sure to adjust the wrench BEFORE using it as the adjusting mechanism doesn’t appear to be insulated. There are also many sizes of standard insulated wrenches like the Wiha 20006 and you can buy them individually or in an 8 piece (Wiha 20093), 13 piece (Wiha 20194) or 15 piece sets (Wiha 20091). Similarly, there’s multiple sizes of deep offset wrenches like the Wiha 21008, Wiha 21290 (7 piece set) and the Wiha 21093 (15 piece set). Lastly, there’s quite a few types of pliers available individually like the Wiha 32816 or in sets like the Wiha 32899 which comes with some screwdrivers and a nice box or the Wiha 32876 which comes with a total of 66 pieces, including many other essential tools. Wiha also makes some insulated hex wrenches, again in singles like the Wiha 13653 or in sets like Wiha 13691.

Wiha also makes quite a few other things that are insulated from stubby to standard sized screwdrivers. As if all of these individually weren’t enough, Wiha make some pretty comprehensive combo sets that come in nice cases and have just about every insulated tool you would need. The Wiha 32800 is an 80 piece set with a rolling case and the Wiha 32801 Insulated Master Set which includes a whopping 112 pieces! Either of these sets would be perfect for anyone working in remote locations or in situations where it wouldn’t be feasible to go back and forth to the tool box.

Insulated tools really are an amazing type of tool set that really have user safety in mind. They’re incredibly well designed and improvements are being made all the time. Although these are safe, you must also take great care of them to ensure that they remain safe to use. Firstly, you’ll want to keep them clean and dry, obviously any moisture or surface film on the tool during use could circumvent the insulated aspect. Secondly, the insulated tools should be stored with the utmost care. Just throwing them into a box could lead to insulation being stripped off, of course leading to a non-insulated tool. Make sure to care for your tools and make sure they are safe to use before each use. If you take care of these tools, they’ll take care of you.
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