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Tool Tuesday – Wera 05057110001 Kraftform Kompakt 70 Allround

Tool Tuesday – Wera 05057110001 Kraftform Kompakt 70 Allround

Wera tools, and most especially their drivers, have a favored place here at EIO. One of the cooler driver sets is Wera’s Kraftform Kompakt 70 Allround set. What makes this set stand out is that it comes with a good variety of bits, a nice case and some interesting features that make is easy to use. You can see a video of the tool in action and it’s plain to see why every tool collection needs one.

Wera Kompakt
The video shows that the driver handle stores bits which are accessed by pushing a button on the end of the handle. Up to six bits can be stored at a time and you can change bits quickly and easily. The tool is easy enough to use that you could change the bits one handed by using the quick release chuck to swap the bit you’re using with the one that you want. While the bit is easy to change single handedly, the bit stays snug in place until you press the release.

The rapidaptor allows you to hold onto the driver while you screw, giving you much needed stability and the push button collar allows you to extend the tool to a full screwdriver size if needed. Pushing the collar again allows you to pull the shaft and the bit out for use in a drill.

Of course the Wera Kompakt makes use of Wera’s signature handle which is probably the most comfortable handle on the market. This design allows great power while turning with less wear on your hands.

Whatever you may need it for, the Wera Kompakt would be a great addition to your tool box or a great father’s day gift. Already have one? Leave us a review!
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