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Tool Tuesday:  Wiha 66992 MagicRing Ball End Hex

Tool Tuesday: Wiha 66992 MagicRing Ball End Hex

You’re probably thinking that a hex key is a hex key, and really, what else can you do to improve that? Well of course, someone did innovate this basic tool with the ball end hex which allowed one to tighten or loosen hex bolts at an angle. While that is definitely an important advancement, Wiha has gone a step further with their Wiha 66992 MagicRing Ball End Hex set.

Wiha 66992 MagicRing This set is really two sets of hexes in one, inch and metric, so you’ll probably get every size you’d ever need. The key thing though is that the MagicRing is a small rubber ring that fits into a groove at the ball end point of the hex tool, and what this does is it helps hold the screw in place without the aid of magnet. It also helps ensure a snug fit and can help increase the amount of torque you get which helps when you’re working with up to a 30 degree angle. It really is magic and it will make your life easier.

Magic Ring While the Wiha 66992 is today’s featured tool, the MagicRing is available in many different types of drivers from traditional drivers like the Wiha 36790 9 Piece set to bits like the Wiha 71307. It really is a versatile design and definitely helps reduce frustration and wasted time by preventing dropped screws. It really is a great innovation to the already great innovation of the ball end hex.

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