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Hosa D5S-6 DeoxIT Cleaner

Hosa D5S-6 DeoxIT Cleaner

Everything degrades over time, even metal surfaces and of course, the connecting parts of cables are made of metal. Metal oxidizes over time and that results in rust or in non-ferrous metals corrosion or poor contacts , poor interference and lessened conductivity. The last thing you need when doing a show is for your sound equipment to have bad connections, so many musicians use the relatively affordable contact cleaner by Hosa, the D5S-6 Deoxit Contact Cleaner.

Hosa D5 Deoxit cleanerThe D5S-6 spray works immediately upon contact to clean off oils and dirt and deoxidizes build up on metal surfaces so it helps to clean and lubricate and once said item is cleaned, connectivity improves as well. The spray is said to chemically improve connections as well. Many musicians use the spray to fix scratchy pots, bad connections and for general maintenance. It can also be used on anything in with metal parts including guitars, keyboards, mixers and much more. The cleaner is safe to be use on all metals and won’t eat plastic away either.

Many people have excellent results when using this cleaner, it seems the spray not only cleans away oils, dirt and oxidation, it also leaves a slight coating or film on the contact which protects the metal and improves conductivity. Some users, however, caution about using this spray right before extended storage or without regularly maintaining the equipment. It seems that over a long time, if left completely alone, this coating will also break down and leave residue that needs to be cleaned. But if you’re going to be using the equipment a lot and continuously cleaning it, you shouldn’t have a problem and in fact, this spray will make sure your connections last a long time.

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