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Tool Tuesday - Wiha's Swiss Made Calipers

Tool Tuesday - Wiha's Swiss Made Calipers

Whether you’re doing 3D printing, machining, steel work, aerospace work or something else where precision is important a set of accurate calipers is indispensable. Calipers can help you measure very fine details and are generally accurate to within less than a fraction of a millimeter, so they definitely offer something beyond your standard ruler. With the ability to measure something so accurately, you can see why they’re an essential tool.

Wiha 41103
Wiha, a name already well established for quality and precision, is one of our favorite brands of calipers and they’re bound to help you get the precise measurements you need. The most basic caliper is the Wiha 41103 Vernier Calimax Caliper, made from 50% fiberglass. The Wiha 41103 is a sliding caliper with a smooth action and is accurate to within .1mm or 1/64 of an inch. It won’t be as exact as a dial or digital caliper, but it has the advantage of not having to worry about unexpected malfunctions or batteries.

Wiha 41102
If you’re looking for a bit more precision or just want an easier time reading the measurement, a dial caliper may be the way to go. The Wiha 41102, Wiha 41104, Wiha 41105 and Wiha 41106. They’re 50% to 60% fiberglass and are ESD safe, so they’re great for sensitive electronics. The dial helps narrow down the decimals on your measurements and helps give a little more certainty in measurements than with the sliding caliper.

Wiha 41101
Of course, for the most precise work, with small machined parts, aerospace, computer parts and more, you’ll probably need a digital caliper like the Wiha 41101. This caliper gets a level of accuracy down to .005” or .01mm and runs on an LR44 battery. This one really leaves no room for error. All of these calipers carry a long tradition of precision, being made in Switzerland. This particular model is our bestselling caliper, precision speaks for itself.

With any of these calipers you’ll be getting a Swiss made tool made by Wiha and you’ll notice the difference. Make sure to leave us product reviews for your favorites and tell us about your favorite hammer on Facebook or Instagram!

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