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Wera Wednesday – Wera Hex Wrenches

Wera Wednesday – Wera Hex Wrenches

wera 05073593001 hex wrench set
Hex wrenches are one of the most useful tools, from bikes to Ikea furniture and more, at some point in your life you’ll discover you need not just one hex wrench, but a whole set. While there are several good brands of hexes out there, one of the brands that stands out is of course Wera. Not only does Wera make standard hex keys, they have done some innovation with those and even with their more conventional hexes, they stand apart with their quality.

Right out of the gate, the most standout hex tool available by Wera is the Wera 05073593001 9 piece set. These wrenches feature a nice, smooth metal finish and most importantly, a colored band that makes it easier to find the size you want. If you want something more standard, the Wera 05133180001 comes with a standard black finish and the Wera 05021909001 with a chrome finish. All of these and more are available in sets or individually should one get lost. We also carry standard hex bits as well.

Wera Hex with T-Handle
If the “L” shaped hex key isn’t your thing, Wera also makes a T-Handle hex in yellow like the Wera 05344538001 and in black like the Wera 05013300001. There are many, many different sizes available so be to search for the one you need or look through the selection. The T-handle provides a much stronger grip thus giving you more torque if needed and it also is much more comfortable to use than just the piece of metal that is the “L” shape key.

Wera Micro Hex Set
Zooming in to a smaller scale, Wera’s Micro Hex screwdrivers are done in the style of a precision screwdriver and are great for use on SEM specimen holders as well as repairs, adjustments and calibrations for various scientific instruments and microscopes. These are all sold singly, or available in a few different sets like the Wera 05118156001 6 piece set or ESD safe like the Wera 05073670001 11 piece set. There are a lot of options with this one, so be sure to make the right choice.

With so many options to choose from, the tools you need are just a few clicks away. We would love to hear from you, so make sure to leave us product reviews for your favorites and tell us about your favorite tool on Facebook or Instagram!
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