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Toy Thursday – Great Summer STEM Fun!

Toy Thursday – Great Summer STEM Fun!

School’s probably been out for a few weeks, and if your kids are home and driving you crazy, you might want to get them doing something that is fun and will help them learn. After all, there’s only so many movies to watch and so many trips to the library before you all go nuts. It’s OK, Thames & Kosmos to the rescue!

What better place to start than with one of several Ooze Lab kits? Each tube comes with everything you need to make slime at home. But it’s not just any slime you can make, there are three different kinds as well magic sand and crystals! The 575001 magnetic slime will be tons of fun as kids use magnets to make the slim move and grab as if it were a monster or other living creature.
magnetic slime
The slime also bunches up and jumps towards the magnets and if you put a magnet on top of the slime, the slime will even eat it! We think the fun will hardly end with this one. The 575004 Ooze lab makes color changing slime, and the 575005 Ooze lab makes glow in the dark slime! When slime gets a bit old, you can try your hand at the 575003 Magic Sand or the 575002 which makes sodium acetate crystals that produce heat. All of these not only make a fun activity for kids, but also is heavy on teaching some science and explaining why each tube does what it does. One of the best STEM activities you’ll find for the summer.

glow stick lab
Another fun lab is the Thames & Kosmos 550017 Geeker Speaker. This one basically teaches kids about sound and soundwaves by turning various things around the house into speakers. They’ll also be able to see how various media interact with soundwaves, for example how sand and water move differently with sound. They’ll also be able to try different sounds and see how they do different things. You can also try the 550002 Glow Stick lab to make glow sticks that glow in the dark or when they interact with UV light.

Thames & Kosmos Rubberband Racers
Changing gears, the 550020 Rubber Band Racers teach some physics principles through the construction of five different models. Use bamboo, plastic parts and rubber bands to make the different models and learn how the energy in the rubber bands makes things go. Standout models in this kit would be the airplane and the boat as anything that flies or floats in water is sure to be a hit with kids.

Any or all of these kits would make a great summer activity for your kids at home, or for any summer classes you’re teaching as part of a summer daycare program. Make sure to leave us product reviews for your favorites and tell us about your favorite toy on Facebook or Instagram!

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