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What are Some Bestselling Knipex Tools?

What are Some Bestselling Knipex Tools?

Getting the best cutters and gripping tools for the best price is not always, but when you’re shopping for Knipex at you’ll do pretty well on all counts. To help introduce you to Knipex and some of their tools, we wanted to feature some of the bestselling Knipex tools that will cut and grip pretty much anything without breaking the bank.

Knipex 71 00 200For regular cutters designed for wire cutting the Knipex 74 01 250 SBA is an excellent choice and quite popular. Made from high carbon steel with chromium vanadium, it’s one of the toughest tools out there. It also has a high leverage joint giving you more leverage and power in your cutting. These are suited for really just about any wire including piano wire. They’re good enough that they’ve even been featured on Mythbusters. For a different style or jobs that require a little more strength, Knipex’s CoBolt cutters are an excellent option.

Knipex-00-20-72The Knipex 71 01 200 is a more basic cutter, used by tig welders and for people working with wires. This model is said to be a superb tool for cutting 1/8"to .025” diameter wire. The Knipex 71 12 200 SBA features the additional convenience of a spring and are good for work on something like .071" diameter high carbon piano wire. The general consensus is that these have a feel of a solid tool like they used to make back in the 40’s or 50’s, the same quality as something from grandpa’s tool shelf and not from a big box store. If you need to cut some wire, this is the tool you need.

Knipex 87-41-250As for gripping tools, Knipex makes some solid tools for gripping and turning. The Knipex 87 41 250 and the 87 41 250 SBA Raptor pliers can, in some cases, replace an entire set of spanners! It’s specifically made for working on hexagonal screws and nuts and won’t strip the corners. You’ll get a perfect fit each time when you grip and you can get a tight grip. For other gripping tasks, the Knipex 00 20 72 V01 is a nice set of what looks to be a Cobra and an Alligator pliers with a tough looking pouch. Between those two pliers, you’d have what you need for a lot of different jobs.

With Knipex you’re getting some solid tools that are a cut above anything you’d get from a big box store. With these few selections you’ll have everything you need for gripping and cutting. Do you have a favorite? Make sure to leave us product reviews for your favorites and tell us about your favorite on Facebook or Instagram!

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