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What Flashlights are Best?

What Flashlights are Best?

Finding a good flashlight has gotten easier in recent years. Flashlights are brighter than ever and the battery life lasts much longer too as technology has improved over the years. You can walk into any store and probably get a reasonably bright, long-lasting flashlight at a cheap price. But are you going to get a bright flashlight that’s durable, bright, affordable AND made in the USA? Probably not. The majority of Pelican lights are made in California and do the job of lighting up the night really well, all at an affordable price. For the money you won’t find a better flashlight and you can buy knowing you’re supporting an American-based business.

Pelican 1960 Flashlight
Pelican makes literally dozens of different types and styles of flashlights, but we’ll just highlight a few of them here. For standard application, Pelican’s 7600 is a compact flashlight with a convenient belt clip for carrying. It’s also loaded with lighting features coming with high, strobe, medium and low modes in addition to red and green LED modes. Probably one of pelican’s best built flashlights and one that will probably last forever. For more light duty applications, Pelican’s 1920 LED flashlight is both affordable and lasts a long time and runs on AAA batteries. Pelican’s 4000 KingLite, though, is suited for situations where you need a handheld spotlight. You can use it for a wide beam or as a laser spot. It’s also submersible (but probably not for dives), chemical resistant and designed to be pretty much unbreakable. There are many, many more types of standard use flashlights, so take a look around.

Pelican 1960 LAPD Flashlight
Adding to their already diverse selection of flashlights, Pelican has also collaborated with the LAPD to create the Pelican 7060 Tactical Flashlight which is now the standard issue flashlight for all officers. It has two ways of being activated either with a body mounted switch or on the back of the flashlight. It also features an impressive runtime from 3.5 up to 57 hours, depending on the level used. It will also save your light on batteries in the long run as it is rechargeable. You can buy the charger, spare battery packs, or a charging station that fits up to five batteries. This is the flashlight you want if you use a lot of batteries or have a crew that needs flashlights. Similar in overall concept, but at a lower price point, the Pelican 7100 tactical flashlight and its holster will do just well. While it has a shorter battery life and doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the 7060, you get a pretty versatile flashlight that will get the job done and in a pinch, if you’re not able to recharge it, you can use a AA battery to power it until you can get back to the charger. You could also carry spare rechargeable batteries.

Pelican 2130 diving beacon light
Lastly, Pelican is widely recognized for making some of the best flashlights for diving. Pelican’s appropriately named Nemo flashlight is their most famous model. You can get one like the Pelican 2410 which is submersible up to 100 meters or you can get the smaller 1960 model, both models available in various colors. Another interesting pieces for dives would be the red flashing light, Pelican 2130 which will help you keep an eye on others in your dive group. Are you a fan of Pelican flashlights? Make sure to leave us product reviews for your favorites and tell us about your favorite on Facebook or Instagram!

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