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Which Steinel Heat Gun is Right for You?

Which Steinel Heat Gun is Right for You?

Comparison of Steinel Heat gunsHeat guns are one of those essential tools that has limitless potential. Here at EIO, we carry some of the best heat guns, and that includes Steinel heat guns. Some of the popular models we carry are the HL1620S which has a temperature range of 575F to 950F. With a little more range of temperatures, the HL1820S and HL1920E both feature settings for 120F, 750F and 1,100F and built in protection from overheating. Steinel’s HL2020 E Silver Kit features a slightly higher temperature of 1,150F in addition to a convenient case and extra accessories. This model was reviewed by German Tool Reviews and features a residual heat indicator to let you know if the device is still hot or not. Lastly, the HL2520E has an extended service life due to the use of a brushless motor.

Steinel Heat gun insideAlthough there is a large selection of heat guns to choose from, finding a job to use them for is a lot easier given that a heat gun can be used for countless different tasks, from industrial applications like production, roofing and packaging. With packaging, heat guns help with shrink wrapping/tubing and with removing old labels and stickers as the heat softens the glue substantially. One highlight of heat guns being used in production is in the making of airplane wings. Laboratories and hospitals use heat guns for sanitizing tools and heating gases and liquids because heat guns are able to produce a constant temperature, often set or monitored digitally, for any desired amount of time, an important feature in science and precise application.  

Steinel Heat Gun 1In auto body work, heat guns are used to fix dents, dismantle and reassemble parts of cars and much more. In a way heat guns are like the key to any automotive work as they can be used to apply or remove stickers, window tint, repair leather and vinyl and revitalize plastics. Minor dents in a car can be popped out with a heat gun, as the area is heated, it expands and pops the dent back into place. Many auto body parts need a heat gun to soften the piece up to make it easier to pop in or out. With all the jobs they do, heat guns are probably one of the most important tools in automotive work.

Home construction and improvement professionals use heat guns for many jobs as well. They can be used in the pre-work phase by softening up old paint that needs to be stripped off and you can use it to remove old wall paper or loosen adhesives in the home prior to performing a home improvement project. You can also use it to thaw frozen pipes (as opposed to the more dangerous method of using a blowtorch). You can also save tons of time drying paint or wet wood (or other materials) after a leak has been repaired. Lastly, you can use a heat gun to bend and shape PVC pipes or loosen rusted fasteners. Just like in automotive, every home repair tool kit should have one good heat gun.

Heat guns are also excellent for hobby applications like making an abstract plastic bowl, a candle holder with aged-looking wood, and to age galvanized metal roofing. Other hobby applications could include drying various hobby paint projects, and any situation where you would need to melt something. Old broken crayons perhaps. Some brave souls have even used a heat gun to roast their own coffee or make popcorn!

Heat gun vs PianoAs with all tools, it goes without saying that you should follow some important safety precautions when using a heat gun. Probably the most important would be realizing this thing is hot, so you don’t want to touch the hot parts and you want to make sure you turn it off when you have to set it down. You might also want to ensure that even turned off, you don’t set it on anything flammable or easily burned and certainly not near anything plastic. It goes without saying that you would want the heat gun to cool before putting it away in storage. Burnt out heat gunYou also don’t want to put anything into the end of the heat gun while it’s on. Lastly, and most importantly, wear proper safety equipment like gloves, a respirator and safety glasses, and don’t use the heat gun on any hazardous substances like lead paint. With heat guns, as with most tools, a little common sense goes a long way.

Heat guns are an amazing tool with limitless potential, every home should have one. It works well on basic home repairs and has many hobby applications and if you need one for professional use, there are many heat guns that work great for those as well. Whatever kind of heat gun you need, we carry one that’s perfect for you.

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