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Discount 3M Products for Sale

Discount 3M Products for Sale

The 3M Company has grown exponentially since their inception in 1902. They’ve grown beyond mining, sand paper and tape and have become a leading innovator and manufacturer of adhesives, cleaning products, wound care, PPE, dental products and so much more that you really couldn’t name it all. While pretty much all of the products 3M makes are useful in the home, or in industrial use, many 3M products are also useful for home improvement, automotive and trade work. With so many useful products, you’re going to want to find the best deals on 3M products simply because you’ll need to use so many of them.

3M electrical tapeFor home improvement, light industrial and automotive there are a few 3M products that will be super useful, and more importantly, affordable. 3M sandpaper comes in multiple styles for use on everything from woodworking to auto body and it will help you prepare whatever surface you’re working on for a final finish. Tape is also something 3M is known for, given that they practically invented it, it makes a lot of sense. There’s a tape for every kind of use as well, reflective and electrical tape has obvious safety applications, whereas masking and painter’s tape is easy to remove so using it to protect a surface during painting will ensure a professional looking paint job. For deals on 3M tape, including discounts for bulk purchases, be sure to give us a call!

3M respirator organic vaporsOf course on pretty much every job, including woodworking, resin casting, painting and more, you’re going to need personal protective equipment. 3M respiratory protection comes in many types from everything from basic particulates all the way up to certain types of noxious and toxic fumes. During the volcanic eruptions of Hawaii and the wildfires of California we sold out of respirators showing how versatile they are. Make sure to buy the correct one for the best results. Eye protection is another important thing to procure. 3M protective eyewear is made for many applications with lenses in different colors and protection levels and some include antifogging. Some safety glasses also come with foam gaskets to limit vapors that may affect the eyes. Some glasses come with LED lights mounted on them giving you hands free lighting.

3M BondoLastly, 3M is known for their many repair products and restoration chemicals. For auto body, Bondo and its associated products and accessories are used in virtually every repair. Epoxy is another well-known 3M speciality, used for everything from making golf clubs to repairing things with a permanent fix. There are also a lot of other adhesives with various properties and uses. Included in this group are sealing agents like 3M seam sealer that will ensure protection against various elements.

Finding the best selection and deals on 3M products can be both easy and affordable. As a 3M distributor we carry virtually any 3M product you could need from Post-It Notes to Bondo. With our selection, we’re able to get great pricing on 3M products and can pass some of that savings on to you. If you need to order a lot of various things, we’d be happy to offer discounts on 3M products if you’re placing a large order.

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