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Wiha Extra Heavy Duty - MicroFinish and SoftFinish

Wiha Extra Heavy Duty - MicroFinish and SoftFinish

Wiha Microfinish
Let’s face it, sometimes we have to use tool in a way they weren’t designed for. Sometimes one might use a screwdriver to hammer a paint can into place. Or perhaps use a slotted screwdriver as an emergency chisel. Of course doing this can cause irreparable damage to your screwdriver’s handle, a hammer blow could gouge out a large chip or cause large dents in the handle. Of course, knowing this sort of thing happens, Wiha designed several tools to use in this manner and fittingly they’re dubbed “Extra Heavy Duty” and they’re available in MicroFinish and SoftFinish.

Wiha softfinish
The main difference between MicroFinish and SoftFinish, aside from the color scheme used to identify them, is that Micro is best for use in oily situations. Perhaps in working on cars or other places where industrial lubricants come into play. MicoFinish comes in a purple handle. We sell the drivers in single quantities like the Wiha 53425, so be sure to look for the size you need. Otherwise there are a couple of sets that contain various sizes. The Wiha 53390 which is a 5 piece set and Wiha 53398 which is an 8 piece set. Each set contains a Phillips #1 and a #2. In addition to several slotted drivers in the 4.5mm to 10mm sizes.

WIha extra heavy duty
The SoftFinish is a red handle with a soft rubber overlay, these are best used in dry situations and the rubber is not as absorbent as the MicroFinish. These are also available singly like the Wiha 53027 or in multi-sets. The Wiha 53096 (6 piece set), 53097 (7 pieces) and 53099 (10 pieces) are great ways to get multiple sizes in an affordable way. The Wiha 53090 and 53075 are each 5 piece sets which may offer a tighter focus of more useful sizes. Each of these sets comes with again with a Phillips #1 and #2 and depending on the set, comes with slotted drivers from 3.5mm all the way up to 10mm.

wiha hex turn screwdriver
Both styles of finish qualify as extra heavy duty due to the fact that they feature an end cap on the handle that makes the screwdriver strong enough to handle hammer blows. Many tradesman find this useful when they have to use their screwdriver as a chisel or otherwise wedge the tip into some place. Both sets of drivers also have a hex bolt near the handle (where applicable) and can be turned with wrench if extra torque is needed. All of these drivers are solid and well built and designed to take a little extra abuse from hammer blows, so you know they’ll last a long time.

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