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Make Some Science Monday – Elenco Snap Circuits SC-3Di Illumination Discovery

Make Some Science Monday – Elenco Snap Circuits SC-3Di Illumination Discovery

elenco sc-3diEveryone knows that Elenco’s Snap Circuits are a fun and exciting way to learn about circuits and electricity. The kits also start relatively basic with the SC-100 kit or the SC-300 kit all the way up to something complex like the 500 or 750 Kits and they can even be upgraded from the basic to the highest end set with the UC-60 Kit and anything in between. But what do you do if you’ve already done that and want more? Or what if you want something more exciting to spice things up with one of the other sets? Get the Elenco SC-3Di Illumination kit, of course!

SC-3di Light tunnelThe Elenco 3D SC-3Di set contains more than 50 parts and gives you at least 150 projects, all of which involve the use of colorful light displays making an obviously exciting STEM toy from the word “go.” What makes this set different from any of the main kits or even other specialized kits is that it includes some extra panels to allow you to build Snap Circuits vertically. This adds an interesting dynamic that helps showcase the 3D illumination, but could also add some complexity when used with other kits. You can see in this video some of the projects and builds that make this set a bit more unique than others. In this video, combination of sets is demonstrated with the SC-100 and the SC-300 which are combined to make a somewhat primitive synthesizer. This is a great way to see that these sets really encourage creativity and maximizing your existing sets, and with something like the SC-3Di some real fun could ensue.

SC-3Di 1With this set, your child can build a projector to display images from the included (and maybe other) photo discs, you can do a light show on the wall, make a light tunnel and much more. As mentioned before, this set would be a great addition for spicing up and expanding some of the basic sets, but the theme of it goes well with the SCA-200 Arcade kit and the SCL-175 Lights kit which connects to a smartphone to add visualizations to music. Throw on a Daft Punk album or some vaporwave and the kids will really have some fun! Investing into a couple of these sets would be about the same as a high end Lego set and would be a great way to make STEM learning fun and encourage experimentation.

Elenco Snap Circuits ProjectorDo you have a favorite experiment from one or more of these sets? Leave us a product review, or tell us about it on Facebook or Instagram! Since these kits combine and foster unique inventions, we’d love to have you share some photos, videos and stories about your original creations and favorite experiments. As always, consider getting the Snap Circuits Battery Eliminator to save money in the long run!

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