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Gedore Tools

Gedore Tools

Gedore 1505408 Hex Wrench
For nearly 100 years, Gedore tools has been making quality German tools. True to the German tradition, GEDORE is an acronym, which broken down means “GEbrüder (brothers) DOwidat REmscheid” and is based off of the name for the Dowidat brothers who founded the company. Gedore steadily gained a foothold in the market and they soon outgrew their humble beginnings. To this day, Gedore tools and their other brands like Ochsenkopf (ox head) continues to make quality German tools along with their compatriots Wiha and Wera. We’re excited to announce that at EIO we now carry the full line of Gedore tools!

Gedore 1822373
Some of the tools that will fit well in any collection are standards made by any toolmaker, but Gedore’s German standards make these stand out. Gedore Hex wrenches will be a high use item in any tool box, whether for bike maintenance, IKEA furniture or any of a hundred other jobs. These hexes are solid and likely to last a long time and withstand a fair amount of abuse. For Torx jobs, the cranked socket key set will get you through any job where a T10-T45 would be needed. The Torx set is made of chrome-vanadium for extra durability and would be a great starter for someone needing to build out their tool chest. We also carry a range of cutters like this one that will be handy to take care of any wires that need snipping. Available in blue, black or silver, they’ll stand out a bit from other brands.

For controlled tightening with lower torque, the torque wrench TSP slipper will give you the level of control that you need. Great for electronic hardware or precision mechanics, this one will help you get just the right amount of torque for a secure fasten without over-torquing and breaking things.

Gedore Ochsenkopf Iltis AxeSwitching gears, something unique that Gedore puts out is the sturdy looking Iltis axe by Gedore’s subsidiary Ochsenkopf. This specific axe boasts a hickory handle that’s resistant to breaking and an axe head made of a special type of “C60 steel” which can be sharpened easily by the user. Even in cold temperatures this axe will be an easy tool to use and a hard tool to break. There’s a reason that Ochsenkopf has been around since 1781.

No matter what your tool needs are, Gedore makes a tool for it. Keep checking back to see what we’ve added!

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