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Build a Solar Space Robot

Build a Solar Space Robot

The toy industry is incredibly competitive, especially given that everyone wants their toys to do more, with of course a limited budget. Having grown up loving Transformers toys, no one knows that more than I do. A car that turns into a robot and from a robot back into a car is every kid’s dream. Especially if it’s Optimus Prime.

OWI Solar Space Fleet 7 in 1
While we at EIO don’t sell Transformer toys as such, we do sell some great STEM toys that capture some of that “multi-playability” of Transformers all while teaching some science. One great example of this is OWI’s Solar Space Fleet which as you might guess, uses solar energy to make the toy move. Kids will use the solar panel and rechargeable battery to learn about solar energy and how the intensity of the light makes the toy move faster or slower. The fun part of this is that you can build 7 different modes, all of which snap together so it’s easy for kids to build a:  Space Station, Space Rover, Space Explorer, Astronaut, Space shuttle, space dog, and of course robot. With seven modes, that beats most Transformers, many of which top out in the 3-5 modes. Of course the Solar Space fleet is cheaper than most high end Transformers as well.

Solar space robot
Most of the modes look pretty standard for space play, but the robot and the shuttle stand out with probably the coolest designs.

With sunny summer days coming, a solar robot will be perfect for fun, but also helping your kids learn over the summer! They’ll be the best at space in no time!

Check out this video also on our website! If you have one and want to review, please leave us a review.
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