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The Amazing World and Constructs of 3D Printers

The Amazing World and Constructs of 3D Printers

Velleman 3D printer
While 3D printers have been around for a few years they are still new enough that most people don’t have one and haven’t used one yet. Cost has been one of those barriers, but there are several models that are entering the realm of affordable. The Velleman K8400 Kit is a great starter 3D printer, but it’s probably best suited to DIYers as this printer has to be assembled before being used. Of course, that makes it great for a family or class project as well.

As cool as it is though, what’s the point of a 3D printer? What can be made with them? Why invest the money?

The internet, of course, has many answers.

3D Printed fishing lures
For musicians, 3D printers can be used to make a guitar! In addition to guitars though, Yeggi also has 3D models for ocarinas and flutes, maracas, violins and so many more for download at their site. For more variety, there’s laptop stands, fishing lures, bring your children’s drawings to life and a few more. People even are using them to make cases for their Raspberry Pi units and their Raspberry Pi NES consoles.

3D Printed artificial limb
But that’s not all, there’s 50 more ideas here, many of which can be found on Yeggi. Hex drawers, headphone stands, toothpaste tube squeezers, and many more. The big list though, offers 101 different things for you to print with your 3D printer. You can use your 3D printer to make game pieces for your friends, toys for your kids (or you), and probably the most useful thing, prosthetic limbs. Without a doubt, the field of prosthetics will probably be the best use for 3D printers. These children are definitely seeing the advantages!

3D printed kids drawing
Really though, the only limit for your 3D printer is your access to 3D models or your imagination, tools and ability to make and export the 3D models. A 3D printer is the ultimate investment for the home inventor or the DIYer who never can find the right tool. If you can’t find the tool, part or thing that you need, just design it and make it!

3D Printed NES Case
Printing all of these things, of course, will require you to replenish your stock of 3D printer filament. We carry an incredible number of choices so you can choose the filament that works best for you and your projects. A 3D printer is in many ways, a doorway to a new world of creativity.

Have a 3D Printer? Write us a review on our website and share it on our Instagram and tell us what you’ve made!

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