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Bondhus Tools - Great American Made Tools

Bondhus Tools - Great American Made Tools

Tired of cheap tools? Looking for something quality that's made in the good ol' USA? Look no further, Bondhus tools are what you need.

What they lack in “sex appeal” they make up for in being the best in their niche.
Bondhus Gorilla Grip
While they make other tools, Bondhus may be best known for inventing the ball-end hex wrench in 1964, but since then this specific tool has inspired endless copycats. Standing apart though, Bondhus’ ball-end is still the most reliable and widely recognized name on the market. Used by motorcycle mechanics, printing press operators, tank commanders and many more, few tools are as versatile.

As the largest distributor of Bondhus tools in the Los Angeles area and perhaps the west coast, EIO carries quite a range of Bondhus tools for any need.

Bondhus T Handle
For on-the-go portability, and biking in particular, the Gorilla Grip which comes in hex, torx and star varieties, all in various sizes. The handles are made of a strong, but smooth plastic and the metal parts are made from Bondhus’ Protanium steel. These could be used for anything from putting Ikea stuff together, to fixing a loose bike part to anything else. While the triple pack is the perfect combo pack of tools for small electronics buffs, bicyclists, musicians, drone enthusiasts and many more, this 5-in-1 Gorilla Grip has a flat head and Phillips screwdriver as well as 3 different hexes making it a good option for emergencies. Any of these would be ideal for someone needing a tool on the go with limited space. See this bicyclist's love letter to Bondhus’ Gorilla Grip.

For a less portable option, Bondhus also makes the comfort grip driver and the T handle driver, which is the hex wrench with a traditional screwdriver handle and rubber grip T handle respectively. Both of these options make great tools for a workbench or home tool box.

Whatever Bondhus tool you get, it will be stronger than most other tools on the market and they have enough variety to make a tool for almost any need. It’s really a tool you only need to buy once, but if you have to buy it more than once, someone probably stole it.

Browse our full selection of Bondhus here.

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