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Klein 93LCL and 93LCLS Laser Level

Klein 93LCL and 93LCLS Laser Level

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Get ready to experience TRUE level. Or at least get ready to find level quickly and easily with the 93LCL and the 93 LCLS Laser Level by Klein Tools. The 93LCL Laser Level is a great tool for anyone needing to a lot of work involving leveling. From installing wall shelves, to hanging pictures to installing lighting, this laser level can handle a fair amount of tasks to make it a worthwhile investment.

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Some of the features that make this laser level worth a buy is that it’s basically self-operating. The best feature to take note of is that the laser lines are easy to read, they’re bright red and the unit flashes the lights when they alignment is needed. When alignment is needed, it can self-level saving you the time and effort of trying to figure it out manually. The lasers show vertical and horizontal alignment, and cross lines if needed. The 93LCLS also features a vertical plumb line which can be used for planning out lighting or other ceiling mounted jobs. The head also swivels allowing you to get leveling action at an angle.

For added convenience, the laser level comes with a mount that it attaches to magnetically. This mount can be screwed onto a wall so it’s easy to find a place for it. If there’s no wall or other adequate surface, the laser level can also be used in conjunction with a tripod featuring ¼ inch and 5/8 inch mounting threads.

93lcls Klein Laser Level
The level and bracket come in a nice, quite durable case to keep it safe when not in use. The case is water and dust resistant. The laser level runs on 3x AA batteries, and the battery life is reported by multiple users to be pretty good, meaning you shouldn’t have to change the batteries every five minutes.

While the price might seem a little steep for average home use, it could potentially save you a ton of time and frustration in home improvement projects. Installing a series of floating bookshelves could take extended periods of time to map out and check and double check with a traditional level and marks on the wall. With the laser level, your hands would largely be free to focus on the work and leave your walls clean afterwards. Maybe with a quick last check after installation.

For professional use, you probably already know the value that a laser level can bring.

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