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  • What 3M Safety Glasses Should I Get?
    May 4, 2022

    What 3M Safety Glasses Should I Get?

    Protective eyewear is probably THE most important piece of safety equipment simply because they can and should be worn for literally every sort of job. From basic woodworking or sanding to painting, metal working and beyond. Protecting your eyes from...

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  • Wera Self-Setting Spanner
    August 5, 2021

    Wera Self-Setting Spanner

      Wera Tools has proven time and again that they are one of the most innovative toolmakers on the planet. Their ergonomic Kraftform handle adorns nearly every tool they make and this is just the start of their innovative achievements....

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  • Meguiar's DA Power System
    July 29, 2021

    Meguiar's DA Power System

    Most everyone using Meguiar’s car care products are probably “Car Guys” on some level and Meguiar’s makes it easy for even the average guy to be a Car Guy. Anyone can use their products to get the a professional, showroom...

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  • 3M Dispensers for Large Area Masking
    July 21, 2021

    3M Dispensers for Large Area Masking

    There’s no doubt that when you’re working in an autobody shop or other types of workshop environments, you need an area that’s clean and organized. This is important not only for safety, but organization also saves money by reducing time...

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  • An Overview of Epoxies
    May 6, 2021

    An Overview of Epoxies

      Epoxies were first discovered and patented in 1934 Paul Schlack of Germany and Schlack would later go on to play a role in the discovery of nylon as well. Epoxies grew from there, when in 1943,Pierre Castan of Switzerland...

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  • 3M Abrasives, Sandpaper and Sanding Products
    March 25, 2021

    3M Abrasives, Sandpaper and Sanding Products

    If there’s any company that knows a thing or two about abrasives it should be 3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing). 3M has been at the abrasive making game since 1902 and in fact that’s where they got their start. Despite...

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